De Bortoli

"De Bortoli Watches"  was founded and registered in September 2013 at the Swiss Commercial Register by Julien De Bortoli. A keen watch enthusiast himself, he is working for over 10 years in the watch industry. Raised on knowledge and quality craftsmanship Julien follows the footsteps of his father Marco who has more than 45 years of watch industry experience.

Creating his own watch has been ingrained in Julien’s mind for many years, he was always a great admirer of Swiss Made automatic watches.

Belonging to the ‘Y Generation’ it was apparent that De Bortoli Watches would need an eCommerce platform with an ease of use so as to eliminate the issues that may arise for a customer. As a result, Julien has integrated “Six Payment” into the process, a leading and secure online payment service provider.

The watch is sold as single model, though available in 9 versions. Ordering is fully flexible with the option to purchase additional straps or metal bracelets at the time of purchase. All technical descriptions can be found under the “Collection” tab.

“De Bortoli Watches” are a blend of innovation and contemporary sporty aesthetics at a competitive price. Such innovation includes the De Bortoli Watches most unique design -the use of disks to show hour, day and date. Upon initial design began a particular attention to detail and a venture to achieve the finest watch possible. The process of producing design and samples process required over 1 year of refinement to perfect the first batch of De Bortoli Watches and meet the expectation of Julien’s vision.

It is of course a huge challenge to embark upon this ambitious project. However, true to Julien’s nature he is always looking for new opportunities and objectives to be realised. A perfectionist at heart this is surely the most complex and exciting dream yet to be carried out.

Julien is looking forward to share his passion through the selling of his models and to continue his life long quest of bringing his input on innovation into the watch industry.

Feel free to reach out to Julien for comments and suggestions.