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Automatic Swiss Made Watches at more than Affordable Prices

The new automatic Swiss Made model from De Bortoli Watches are at the front line of originality, aesthetics and innovation.

Representing excellence and a high industry standard, De Bortoli Watch components are always of the highest possible quality and have been hand chosen by Julien De Bortoli himself. They are crafted using ETA Swiss Made automatic movement, 2 sapphire glasses. All the components have been carefully selected in order to obtain a high-end product.

The assembly is carried out by a experienced watchmaker from the Bienne area, the heart of the Swiss watch industry.

The De Bortoli Watch is made by enthusiasts and is a "must have" for all watch lovers and aficionados. Therefore our objective is simple, it is to distribute the Swiss Made Automatic Watch at a price that challenges the competition without compromising the quality of the final product. We believe that by simply reducing our profit margin below that of other brands and by selling the watch directly to customers without an intermediary such as distributor, it is possible to sell a watch of exceptional quality at a competitive price.

All watches carry a 2-year international warranty. A guaranteed full refund will be offered if you are not fully satisfied with the product. Additional payment terms and conditions can be found under the “Customer Care” tab of our website.

Other projects are currently in the making with the same goal of offering the best quality and innovation at the best price. Check back with us often, as updates will always be posted on our website.

The DBW is waiting for you, time is precious, be precise !!